Topics: • Social • Economic • Built Environment  • Natural Environment • Culture (S.2)

2020 Project plan: • Smart Infrastructure • Waste Management • Government Services • Community Well-Being • Mobility Choices • Robust Economy • Vibrant Downtown (S.13/14)


“The new plan focuses on the efficient delivery of municipal services, with an additional emphasis on economic development and how technologies are vital to the local and wider economy”(S.7)

Key areas: • Vision Zero and Transportation/Mobility  • Homelessness  • Affordable Housing  • Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness  • Quality of Life  • Equity  • Good Government  • Economic Development(S.7)


Based on:  Smart City Masterplan (1.0) 2016


“The Smart City Update 2.0 stakeholder engagement process was much smaller and focused on internal audiences (City staff), as it is an update of the original plan and not a completely new strategy.” (S.8)

Among Top 3 most comprehensive Smart City Strategies, Roland Berger, 2019, S.10

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