Letter from the Mayor 2 Executive Summary 4 Introduction and Evolution 8 New York City: Today and Tomorrow 22 Vision 1: Our Growing, Thriving City 44 50 Industry Expansion & Cultivation 58 Workforce Development 66 Housing 74 Thriving Neighborhoods 78 Culture 84 Transportation 100 Infrastructure Planning & Management 108 Broadband Vision 2: Our Just and Equitable City 112 120 Early Childhood 126 Integrated Government & Social Services 132 Healthy Neighborhoods, Active Living 142 Healthcare Access 150 Criminal Justice Reform 156 Vision Zero Vision 3: Our Sustainable City 160 166 80 x 50 176 Zero Waste 188 Air Quality 194 Brownfields 200 Water Management 206 Parks & Natural Resources Vision 4: Our Resilient City 214 222 Neighborhoods 230 Buildings 236 Infrastructure 244 Coastal Defense Diverse and Inclusive Government 252 Appendix 262 266 Summary of Initiatives 280 2011 Sustainability Initiatives 316 2013 Resiliency Initiatives 344 References 347 Glossary 349 Acknowledgments


rising inequality makes it difficult for so many New Yorkers to live here and raise their families with dignity

We build on New York City’s global leadership when it comes to growth, sustainability, and resiliency and embrace equity as central to that work.

OneNYC sets out what we need to do to make our city stronger, our people better prepared for jobs in the 21st century economy, our government more responsive, and our communities able to withstand the existential threat posed by climate change.

It is a blueprint of the New York City we want our children to inherit. The actions we take now will ensure we have a dynamic, inclusive economy, a healthier environment, more affordable housing, and more reliable and resilient infrastructure

Achieving these goals requires nothing less than bold, innovative solutions.

Our Growing, Thriving City

Our Just and Equitable City

Our Sustainable City

Our Resilient City


Pre-K for All: A plan to create a truly universal pre-kindergarten system, with a seat in a high-quality pre-kindergarten class for all four-year-olds in need of such services.

Vision Zero: A plan that commits the City to using every tool at its disposal to improve the safety of our streets and to reduce traffic fatalities to zero.

One City: Built to Last: The City’s commitment to cut its greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent by 2050 focusing on reductions in buildings, which are responsible for nearly three quarters of the city’s contribution to climate change

Housing New York: An ambitious ten-year plan that addresses New York’s housing crisis by building our next generation of affordable housing and supporting the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

Career Pathways: A plan to create a more comprehensive, integrated workforce development system and policy framework focused on skills building and job quality.