What is the ‘Smart Docklands’ Initiative?

What are we trying to achieve?


Smart Docklands successfully facilitates and enables the testing and trialling of smart city solutions by identifying real local challenges and working with diverse stakeholders to come up with lasting solutions in areas such as disruptive technology, environmental monitoring, waste management, and smart mobility.

Our mantra is do not deploy “tech for tech’s sake”. With the community engagement program, they worked collaboratively with stakeholders which includes physical infrastructure companies, utility providers, property developers, building owners and local residents groups.


As a smart city testbed, Smart Docklands aims to create a platform for innovators and entrepreneurs to test a wide range of solutions in a real-life, city setting.

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Through collaborative effort, Smart Docklands not only has the ability to transform Dublin City and improve the lives of those who live and work in the Docklands, but also provide solutions that can be scaled globally.

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