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In a Smart Nation, we will see transformation in key domains – health, transport, urban solutions, finance, and education.

At its core, Smart Nation is about empowering our people. Understandably, there might be some fears and tensions about technology destabilising livelihoods, raising costs and increasing vulnerabilities.

Singapore has introduced some projects

Singapore has laid out mutually-reinforcing plans to build a Digital Economy, Digital Government and Digital Society. This means every industry, business and government agency stepping up to accelerate its digitalisation efforts, to drive a whole-of-nation movement powered by a society of digitally ready citizens and communities. To execute these plans, strong system foundations are in place, powered by our people and culture. This widespread transformation is exemplified through major national projects, in areas such as digital infrastructure and service delivery, and involving the public, private and people sectors.


To facilitate the transformation of Singapore, the government has outlined broad plans to transform our Economy, Government and Society through the Digital Economy Framework for Action, Digital Government Blueprint, and the Digital Readiness Blueprint. A Digital Government will provide the environment and drive enablers to shape the Digital Economy and a Digital Society. A Digital Economy will work closely with Digital Government to support the digitalisation of Government service delivery and build industry capability for future transformation needs. We are also doing further work to develop a holistic approach to cultivate a Digital Society which is confident to harness technology.


Call for Action am Ende mit konkreten Hinweisen zu wie man als Bürger*in zur SmartNationSingapor beitragen kann

Civic and community groups can harness open data and APIs on to co-create new solutions and work with Government to serve needs and advance causes.

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