Table of contents

1 Introduction

2 Enabling factors

3 Implementation of the strategy

3.1 Priority projects


In order to reach its vision of becoming a smart city, Stockholm will stimulate, guide and coordinate different digitalization projects.

The opportunities that arise with development in areas such as the Internet of Things, big data and analysis

Enabling factors: operations, technology (including applications and services, digital platforms and IT infrastructure, as well as information security and privacy), and principles for costs distribution.

Implementation: coordination and collaboration (internally and externally, which implies commitment and responsibility for all parties), communication (and dialogue with residents), as well as prioritised projects.

Important themes: Collaboration, common IT solutions, open and shared data, security and privacy


No other blueprint or plan is mentioned other than the strategy itself.

The City of Stockholm, in cooperation with the Royal Institute of Technology, Ericsson, Vattenfall, ABB, Skanska and Scania, has established the innovation arena Digital Demo Stockholm. They value action over planning.